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Domain fraud: Mike Mann’s chargeback could be avoided if he used Escrow.com

Domain fraud: you never know when it’ll happen to you, and Mike Mann just announced that he got a chargeback from the buyers of his domain, Helpware.com. According to Mike, he sold the domain and once it was transferred away, the buyer did a chargeback with Stripe. Surely a nightmare scenario, that could have been […]

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Moniker issues refund for Stolen Domain but some issues remain

It took several weeks, but eventually Moniker refunded an unsuspecting domain investor, who ended up receiving a stolen domain name via SnapNames. The sale of HKE.net to James Booth, became problematic, after the seller was told that he had acquired it on SnapNames from a domain thief. Moniker then repossessed the domain and gave it […]

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SnapNames chargeback scam artists increasingly affect domain sellers

A domain seller who claimed his cash balance was ‘stolen’ from his SnapNames account, is reporting that the chargebacks were reversed by SnapNames. Despite this satisfactory closure, other users are reporting that the SnapNames domain selling platform is inviting scammers that reverse their payment – some as late as 120 days later. The end result […]

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