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#02silverado .net : The #TLD doesn’t matter, as long as the #domain is cheap or free!

When you want to sell something on the Internet and need a domain, the extension itself doesn’t matter; what matters is the cost of the domain name. If that domain is free, or at least cheaper than a .com registration, the end result will be using that cheaper TLD. That’s the case with 02silverado.net, a […]

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NameCheap promo for .US domains seeded spammer’s domain portfolio

An unscrupulous spammer, blasting millions of emails daily, is using cheap .US registrations at NameCheap for his mass spamming. When domain registrars offer domain registrations below the $1 dollar threshold, spammers reap the benefits. Hiding behind a Cloudflare proxy DNS, the cybercriminals are using hosts in Russia, Estonia and elsewhere. Just like in the case […]

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WTF? Ready to spend a penny for every .XYZ domain?

As Daniel Negari disclosed in our parody post, the biggest .XYZ domain promotion in the universe is underway. For a limited time, until June 2nd, you can get .XYZ domains via Uniregistry for ONE CENT. You read that right, $0.01 dollars per .XYZ domain; that’s 100 .XYZ domains for every dollar. 😀 Next year you’ll […]

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