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Chinese domain market report : Blog editors must be approved by the government

China is heading towards a bizarre state that encourages capitalism and restricts individuality; we call this, “Communist Capitalism.” The requirement for “foreign” domain registries to register with the Chinese government is one such example. A new mandate, effective June 1st, is that Chinese Internet news outlets and blogs, web sites, forums, search engines and even […]

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FMA sells another chunk of “Chinese” premium domains

Future Media Architects (FMA) has been following the Chinese domain market closely. The company that once held thousands of domains, vowing “never to sell,” has been liquidating its most valuable liquid domains. During the past year and a half, FMA founder, Elequa, has been sending his “Chips” to China, as long as the price is […]

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Chinese domain market : Are you panicking yet?

The Chinese domain market, particularly that of “Chinese premiums” has been in a steep dive since the summer. The market for “Chips” peaked at the very end of 2015, led by an expertly played game of musical chairs devised in Hong Kong. The domain fund managers cached their chips, reaping sizable ROI and the game […]

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