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Rick Schwartz’s acquisition of the domain name via Flippa for $3,000 led us to the obvious question: is the term ‘cybersquatter‘ generic or trademarked? These days, one never knows, and we just had to look the term up at the USPTO. As it turns out, there is no such trademark, but a related trademark […]

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Rick Schwartz acquired the domain on Flippa

It was a wild guess, but it turned out to be 100% accurate: Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, has acquired the domain on Flippa. Exactly as we predicted yesterday, Rick’s acquisition of is an instant pointing of the domain to Hall Of Shame, a repository of shameful UDRP cases involving Reverse Domain Name […]

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The domain name was sold on Flippa, after being listed for a few days; during that time, its seller changed the BIN several times, and added a portfolio of other domains as ‘freebies.’ The term ‘cybersquatter‘ is considered extremely insulting to domain investors, and it’s a leftover from older times when anyone registering domains […]

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Flippa : How much will sell for ?

One of the most controversial domain names to be made available over a third party auction venue, is Currently at Flippa with a day to go, the dreadful “C-word” domain has reached $2,150 with 110 bids. Wow. Actually, those automatic bids were made by three bidders in total, two of which are currently suspended. […]

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Flippa domain auction : Why would you want to be a Cybersquatter?

Cybersquatter. The infamous ‘C’ word has been used by media around the world for a full two decades, to describe both the lawful possession and investment in domains, and the dark, infringing side of domaining. Squatting on domain names is synonymous with the notion that somehow whoever registered a domain first has full rights to […]

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