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Digital Point : Alleged data breach can lead to #domain name hijacking

An article describing a recent data breach at Digital Point – the world’s biggest webmaster forum and marketplace for web related services – is definitely alarming. According to the report, a Digital Point data leak contained data of 863,412 users thanks to a database that was not password-protected. What was leaked? The report claims that […]

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#Bodybuilding .com : Data breach leads to password reset

One of the world’s biggest online fitness stores, Bodybuilding.com, announced that a breach of its systems compromised personal user data. A phishing attack targeting its staff in July 2018, led to the subsequent exposure of its servers to hackers. Registered in 1999, Bodybuilding.com claims to receive 35 million unique visitors per month, with well over […]

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Data breach : Time to change your LinkedIn password

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social network with a focus on professional, resume and experience-based interaction. Millions of professionals, domain investors included, are using LinkedIn to connect with peers. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the LNKD symbol. A data breach at LinkedIn has mobilized its team to reset […]

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