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“Dicks By Mail” back in the news : Dallas lawsuit seeks to disclose who ordered the dick-shaped candy

The infamous Dicks By Mail venture is back in the news, after a Dallas, Texas professional is suing the gag gift company. Melody Lenox, an Axxess Technology Solutions employee, received a package of penis-shaped candy in the mail. Citing other instances of online harassment, Lenox is now suing Dicks By Mail so that they disclose […]

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No winner for ‘Dicks by Mail’ domain at Flippa auction

The auction of DicksByMail.com flopped at Flippa earlier today. Despite a stiff headstart that propelled the viral domain past the $100,000 dollar plateau, Flippa determined that the top bidder was just ‘jerking‘ around. The auction was given an extra day to climax, and the final bid – or, money shot – was put in at […]

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8====D Dicks By Mail .com : Will this be the next BIG Flippa auction? 8====D

When ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com sold on Flippa, the novelty factor of the domain broke the scales, at $85,000 dollars. Whether that was a fun promotion or a truly brilliant sale, shall forever remain between the seller and the buyer, but the concept of quickly selling a web site built on a whacky business model hasn’t died off. […]

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