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It’s Mardi Gras, and my dentist thanks Directnic!

It’s Mardi Gras, baby! 😀 Get your fancy carnival costumes on, grab some dirty drinks and celebrate the fine partying that arrives this time of the year, like clockwork. Louisiana based domain registrar, Directnic, wants to keep everyone happy and they passed on the spirit of Mardi Gras with a humongous box of King Cake, […]

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Domain Mardi Gras : Directnic celebrates 15 years as a domain registrar

Today is Mardi Gras, baby! 😀 So get your masks, fancy outfit and beads out, because Louisiana-based Directnic celebrates its 15 year anniversary as a domain registrar, Mardi Gras style. That’s a lifetime in Internet years, and the domain registrar is sharing the love, so they sent us a nice bag of goodies, check out […]

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Uniregistry Market : A window to a portfolio of 500,000 reserved domains opens!

Uniregistry announced its reserved domain marketplace opening today; aptly named: Uniregistry Market. Interfacing with at least 25 Registrars currently, the Uniregistry Market creates a distribution network for a little over 500,000 domain names that were previously reserved. Vern Jurovich, Chief Operating Officer at Uniregistry, told us that the current lot comprises of the North Sound […]

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Kellie Peterson promoted as new DirectNic President

Web and new media consultant, Kellie Peterson, is the new President at DirectNic. Peterson joined the ICANN accredited registrar in 2013, after a successful career that included Name.com and Endurance International. From her personal bio: “During the last several years I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in aftermarket domains to companies like Google, Sun, […]

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Who owns SexOlympics.com ?

The domain name SexOlympics.com is covered in a shroud of mystery. It has been pointed to adult content, or parked at adult parking pages for more than a decade, as Archive.org shows. Originally registered in 2000, SexOlympics.com appears to be owned by the International Olympic Committee, according to Domaintools: International Olympic Committe chateau de vidy […]

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Where is the Domain King moving 4,500 domains to?

Since the Moniker-gate broke out at the end of last year, Rick Schwartz has been warning about the imminent move out of the Oversee-owned registrar. As recently as April 3rd – apparently, to avoid an April 1st Fool’s Day confusion – the Domain King announced that the bird is about to fly away from the […]

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