Breaking news : #DNForum has been sold – again!

DNForum, the oldest domain forum, has been sold – once again. According to a post on social media by now former co-owner, George Verdugo, the sale of DNForum has been completed. Me and Kevin Faler want to thank the domain industry for your support on DNForum ! We just sold it ! It’s under NDA  #VivaDNForum The terms […]

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#DNForum .com has been listed for sale on #Sedo

Shocking news of the day: has been listed for sale on the Sedo marketplace, with a $25,000 dollar BIN price. The oldest active domain forum was functioning until yesterday, with ongoing domain sales threads and an emphasis on cryptocurrency and marijuana domains. We have reached out to the owners to find out what exactly […]

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DNForum back up, after software upgrades

DNForum is back up, after a series of server, and forum software upgrades; the changes include the addition of a chatroom, leaner sub-forums, and the elimination of outdated content. The downtime lasted longer than expected, but hopefully this won’t be occurring in the future. More changes are expected in the coming days, and domain investors […]

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NamesCon 2017 : How much was sold for in the past?

During NamesCon 2017 we had the pleasure to interview the new owners of DNForum, George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO). This is the 3rd time that has been sold, since its formation in 2001 by then student, Dan Gessler. How much did DNForum sell for? While the price has not been disclosed due […]

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The new DNForum .com is open for business, and under new ownership

Yesterday, we broke the big news that Adam Dicker sold and all of its assets. Long time domain investors who called DNForum “home” will be elated, as entrepreneurs George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO) are now in full control and ownership of DNForum. The move was motivated by the need to preserve and […]

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DNForum .com under new ownership; Adam Dicker has sold the domain forum and all assets

DNForum is under new ownership; former owner, Adam Dicker, has sold the domain name, the forum and all associated assets, retaining zero interest. Real estate and domain entrepreneur, George Verdugo, is the new partnership’s CEO, along with domain investor and entrepreneur, Kevin Faler, who will serve as the CFO of the US-based corporation. The new […]

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When was the last time DNForum was up?

DNForum is down, and has been down for quite some time. The domain forum that saw its former glory days fade away after a series of embarrassing incidents last year, is currently offline. When was the last time that was up? It’s actually very easy to tell, by looking at its “official DNForum” Twitter […]

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Adam Dicker’s “niche web sites” venture closed down a while ago; the domains and remained live until last month. According to DomainTools, both domains were moved to Uniregistry in late October, from the previous domain registrar. Although neither domain resolves, this registrar transfer indicates a sale of domain assets has occurred, and both […]

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Adam Dicker via DNForum : “The business just failed”

Adam Dicker, owner of, recently relaunched the aged domain community after more than 3 months of taking it offline. Officially relaunched on June 1st, arrived with some functionality changes, and promises by Adam Dicker to improve the domain forum. Late last year, Adam Dicker’s Niche Websites business became the focal point of a […]

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DNForum : Adam Dicker plans to relaunch domain forum

DNForum, the domain name forum and domain investor community owned by Adam Dicker, went dark sometime in early February. At the time, the DNForum owner stated that was undergoing server upgrades. Many expected downtime to last a few days. After several weeks and months passed, DNForum remained offline. There was some speculation over whether […]

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DNForum is up!

DNForum is up. Whether this is permanent or temporary, we aren’t sure. After all, a brand needs active members that support it, and as an acronym for “Domain Name Forum,” the DNForum brand is quite strong. The sad news, is that it’s not we’re talking about, but rather, an alternative domain registration, There […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : The early domainer catches the proverbial worm

Domain investor, George Verdugo, is always busy; his real estate business, Casas Baratas keeps him occupied with the world of house flipping. With, Verdugo has built a 5,000-strong online community that delivers news and happenings to the Hispanic community of Los Angeles. His out-of-this-world project,, is awaiting the right moment for the launch […]

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