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DNS.com has changed ownership in apparent sale

The premium three letter .com domain, DNS.com, appears to have changed ownership, via a sale that materialized a couple of days ago. DNS by Comodo surprised many when it rebranded in April of 2013, “abandoning” DNS.com. They are now actively using DNSbyComodo.com. The new owner of DNS.com – SmashClicks – has parked the domain on […]

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Domainer born on the 4th of July

A very special Happy Birthday goes out to domain investor and developer, Sean Stafford, who was born on July 4th – Independence Day in the US of A. Sean is the director of services at DNS.com by Comodo, and is one of the few true “core” domainers; that is, born, bred and raised in the […]

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DNS .com by Comodo and European Domain Centre announce new partnership

A new press release involving DNS.com – a Comodo service – and the European Domain Centre, has been released by Christopher Hofman Laursen: I am happy to announce that European Domain Centre and DNS.com by Comodo has entered an agreement to ensure that all new domain registrations will use DNS.com´s premium DNS. For existing clients […]

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