Not just numerics: China gobbling up LLL .com domains as well

The appetite of Chinese companies for numeric domains is definitely increasing; the sale of to Qihoo for $17 million dollars is merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s not just the volume of numeric domains and their acquisition prices, but the overall business attitude that dictates that a company must own its matching .com […]

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Top tier three letter dot com moved away from Moniker

Recently, we covered the change in ownership of the domain name, which was used in the past by DNS by Comodo. The company rebranded to, letting pointed to its servers for a while. That message was removed recently, and was moved to Domain Name Sales, where it is listed “For Lease” […]

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The premium three letter .com domain,, appears to have changed ownership, via a sale that materialized a couple of days ago. DNS by Comodo surprised many when it rebranded in April of 2013, “abandoning” They are now actively using The new owner of – SmashClicks – has parked the domain on […]

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Domainer born on the 4th of July

A very special Happy Birthday goes out to domain investor and developer, Sean Stafford, who was born on July 4th – Independence Day in the US of A. Sean is the director of services at by Comodo, and is one of the few true “core” domainers; that is, born, bred and raised in the […]

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DNS .com by Comodo and European Domain Centre announce new partnership

A new press release involving – a Comodo service – and the European Domain Centre, has been released by Christopher Hofman Laursen: I am happy to announce that European Domain Centre and by Comodo has entered an agreement to ensure that all new domain registrations will use´s premium DNS. For existing clients […]

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Ah the French, they are out to conquer the world, once more. Since the days of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French ingenuity and ability to plant the tricolor flag on lands unknown are legendary. We spoke with Francois Carrillo earlier today and he made this statement about the imminent acquisition of by “Hello gang […]

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