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#DropCatch bidding history : It was a glitch, not a feature removal

DropCatch shared some great news: the recent disappearance of bidding history from auctions that completed was a glitch. The feature is active again, showing full information on the bidding “war” of completed auctions one participated in. Said DropCatch: “We didn’t remove the functionality, it simply wasn’t working as anticipated. We have released a correction to […]

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Nasty weather, snow, promote higher bids at domain auctions

A three-year research of domain auction venues, including Sedo, SnapNames, Flippa, GoDaddy TDNAM and NameJet has produced some very interesting results. The research was conducted by an independent panel of professionals, and included domain investors as part of the data analysis team, supervised by the Tallahassee Polytechnic of Sciences. Weather, apparently, plays a major role […]

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