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Editorial: A message from beyond the #domain blogging grave

Is domain blogging “a dying art?” Rick Schwartz seems to think so, and in a post written at 7:00am today, he points out the quantity of posts appearing on the Domaining.com timeline, since Friday night. A quick backgrounder on Domaining.com and its free services, for those that are not initiated. As a domain news aggregator, […]

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Domain blogging to require a pro license

One of the most drastic changes in domaining in the new year, 2013, is that of professional blogging licensing. Gone are the days that anyone and their three-legged dog would be able to just install WordPress on a cheap GoDaddy hosting account and start blogging. “Licensing, that’s what the fiscal cliff fiasco taught us,” said […]

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Rick Schwartz – Blogging is cathartic

Catharsis or katharsis is a Greek word meaning “cleansing” or “purging“; the idea is that through outputting one’s thoughts and ideas where they can be re-read and shared, one achieves peace of mind. Blogging is the modern, electronic and often online only version of journal-keeping, and to those that blog on a regular basis it’s […]

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