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AYDACFU : Group of premium NNN .XYZ domains “clawed back” by the Registry

The XYZ Registry appears to have clawed back a batch of premium NNN .XYZ domains, registered under the new 1.111B promotion. A domain investor shared his plight at NamePros: “I registered all the below domains on 6/1/2017 after searching for 10’s of thousands of numerics to purchase. Since I purchased, I renewed for 1 year […]

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Dot .Loan domain clawed back by the Registry six months later

Six months after its registration, the domain Edu.Loan has been clawed back by the dot .Loan registry. Citing a “mistake,” the Registrar, AlpNames, notified the domain’s owner that the domain will have to be returned and his $15 dollars was refunded. The notification was shared on NamePros, as follows: “We have been notified by the […]

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Shocking! Namejet repossesses domain after 80 days!

No matter how one wants to twist and turn this, it’s still shocking. Domain meta-marketplace Namejet has just clawed back a domain won by its highest bidder. What makes this case remarkable is the period of time that has elapsed since the domain was won: 80 whole days. The situation unfolded on DNForum, where the […]

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