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#CZDS, the #ICANN #domain zone file platform is only 71% efficient

ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS), is not very efficient, with only 71% of requests to gain zone file access responded to after 3 business days. CZDS is basically a portal giving access to daily raw data related to new domain registrations and deletions. The zone files follow a specific format and such files can […]

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Breaking: Thousands of deleted domains recovered in operation ‘Domain Freedom’

Thousands of deleted domains believed to have been forever lost, were recovered Sunday morning in an unprecedented technological breakthrough.   Domains registered as back as 1987, were restored in the master boot records of the registry, Verisign; the effort of microcode restoration lasted four months, in an operation dubbed ‘Domain Freedom‘. “We can definitely say […]

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Domain data: Updated gTLD totals for February 22, 2014

Out of all the currently available gTLDs, dot .guru continues to grow at a very healthy rate. Dot .photography is experiencing a sizable daily growth as well. These daily numbers will help define trends in domain registrations, but overall it’s far too early in the game, with hundreds of new gTLDs arriving in 2014 and […]

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