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UltraDomains : Best response to a “sour grapes” domain inquiry

Sour grapes inquiries : we all get them at some point, about a domain name that “is not being used.” The other party attempts to devalue a domain’s worth, when they cannot realistically afford it. It seems that as long as there is no full web site, a domain isn’t considered being used by many […]

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GoDaddy : Hilarious response to overpriced domain inquiry!

Yesterday, during some downtime, we had some innocent fun with the GoDaddy tech support. We checked the availability of the .game domain listed below, and had to ask GoDaddy about its pricing. As you’ll see, they remained 100% professional during the brief exchange, and there is no doubt that they were just doing their job. […]

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Version 3.0 : Domain Name Sales updates domain quote form yet again

Just four days ago we caught a redesigned contact form at Domain Name Sales; the update was an improvement of the quote form that had been in place since the very beginning. The layout of such forms and the amount of info they require, can decide whether a visitor proceeds with providing their contact information. […]

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