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#AutoDNS by InterNetX: Interview with the makers of a paradigm-shifting #domain management platform

InterNetX spans more than two decades of active design and development of domain name and hosting solutions. The German company has more than 3.8 million domains under management, including all available ccTLDs and gTLDs. With more than 3,000 hosted servers, InterNetX is one of the most successful providers for resellers and professional users on the […]

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Jitendra Vaswani : Indian domainer and blogger speaks out

Jitendra Vaswani is an energetic domain investor and blogger from India. Like many young men in his country, he lived his early years under the social pressure exerted by family, friends and the education system: get a good paying job – blogging won’t pay the bills. Domain conferences in India, such as DomainX, are setting […]

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DomainSherpa nose-picking edited out of video!

As much as Domain Sherpa is proud of its unedited, hour-plus long video footage about domain names, a heated discussion video from yesterday got some visible edits. “Rick and Adam do a spectacular job along with Mike and Page, but we’re all human after all,” said the moderator, Michael Cyger. “I had to edit out […]

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