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Google is Evil: Google’s removal of parked domains was planned all along

The latest announcement by Google that they will quietly but surely begin to remove parked domains from their searchable index, comes as no surprise. Google said among other things that: […] a new algorithm for automatically detecting parked domains. Parked domains are placeholder sites that are seldom useful and often filled with ads. They typically […]

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Bodis announces new Custom DNS features on Thanksgiving day

A notification from Bodis – the domain parking and monetization company – arrived in our mailbox this morning. The email reads as follows: Today we are happy to announce a new method of pointing domain names to Bodis, an industry’s first! This new “User DNS” method allows our system to recognize that a domain name […]

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What happened to Parked?

What happened to Parked.com ? That’s the headline of a thread over at popular domain forum, DNForum.com The discussion amongst domainers focuses on the dramatic drop in PPC at Parked.com. Once touted as the top domain monetization solution rivaling even Sedo, Parked appears to have lost its appeal among domainers that park their domains. Not […]

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Domain Internet Startup wants a piece of Frank’s action

The domain world is going abuzz these days with the expected success of Frank Schilling’s alternate parking, Internet Traffic. While the threshold for joining the realm of Frank’s parking company has been set ridiculously high, it is not a business model that can’t be replicated. Enter Parking Lot Solutions, a new startup from Los Angeles, […]

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