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Cosmotown: Domain registrar celebrates International Women’s Day with specials

Cosmotown, an ICANN-accredited domain registrar affiliated with anti-virus giant, Symantec, celebrates International Women’s Day today. “What better way to promote the beauty of women in domaining and in general, than showing some pretty chicks and hot mamacitas on our homepage!” exclaimed company manager Arturo DiCaprio. “Most male domainers want to see some pretty faces when […]

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Starting in 2013: Registrars to take exam tests and other news

During a special late Friday night session, ICANN moved on with an interesting announcement regarding all ICANN-accredited domain registrars. The ICANN meeting involved the top tier key people of the agency, who shared ideas and pizza – a corporate move promoted by the Better Domains Through Better Work Environment coalition, sponsored by Verisign. “We had […]

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Where is the Domain King moving 4,500 domains to?

Since the Moniker-gate broke out at the end of last year, Rick Schwartz has been warning about the imminent move out of the Oversee-owned registrar. As recently as April 3rd – apparently, to avoid an April 1st Fool’s Day confusion – the Domain King announced that the bird is about to fly away from the […]

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