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Poll : Was #GoDaddy able to clean its own home efficiently?

Revelations of a scheme at GoDaddy that involved an employee bidding in auctions, were severely downplayed by the company’s executives. GoDaddy’s management stated that the effects of the employee’s activity did not affect a substantial number of auctions, and that the resulting bids would have been in the same low dollar range even without the […]

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Hank Alvarez for new ICANN CEO in July 2012

The announcement by ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, that he will terminate his contract with ICANN in 2012 came as a shock to many – except for members of ICANN that experienced Beckstrom’s performance first-hand. In that press release, Beckstrom was eager to toot his own horn and address his alleged achievements in a manner that […]

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As Snapnames rebates arrive in the mail, Domainers await the next Domain Scandal

It’s been a full two months since the Hank Alvarez (aka “Nelson Brady“) scandal broke the sleepy waters of the Domain village. It was a day of infamy, when Snapnames announced that their very own Vice President of Engineering did nothing short of engineer the results of thousands of domain auctions. At the point of […]

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