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#NameJet : Rare #domain name self-shreds after auction ends at $14,000 dollars

A rare .com domain was shred to pieces on Sunday afternoon, after a special NameJet auction. Promoted through several NameJet newsletters as the “world’s most rare .com domain,” the digital asset’s printout was cut to pieces using the NameJet office shredder. “We call this an artistic experimentation crossover, when digital art elegantly fuses with the […]

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Morgan Linton launches DomainShredder.org as brand new Domain Project

It’s project after project for popular domain investor, Morgan Linton. The ever-busy president of Linton Investments is having a spectacular year with his blog and this time it’s yet another winner. “I was taking a shower after kissing a stingray in the Caymans, ok I have to admit I was buzzed after eating a dozen […]

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