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Adam Dicker’s iBobble video song became a huge hit

Adam Dicker‘s latest venture is about bobblehead figures. The Canadian domain investor launched iBobble.com in November, just in time for the Holiday season. And now, it’s time for the iBobble video song – already a huge hit among Adam’s family and friends. It could easily make it to the #1 of domainer charts before the […]

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Adam Dicker launches iBobble for custom made domainer bobbleheads!

Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum, has announced the launch of iBobble – a customized bobblehead figure producer. Coming in two flavors, iBobble.com and iBobble.ca, the new web site aims to tap the Joe Domainer market, with affordable, one in a 7 billion bobble figures. “Every bobblehead should be as unique as you are, eh!” Adam […]

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New ‘bobblehead’ 3D holographic service provides TRAFFIC exposure to domainers

Not everyone can attend a major domain conference every time; even Morgan Linton will be sipping mango shakes on the hospitable California beaches instead, in-between working with wife Daina towards the Fashion Metric success. Other domainers have obligations with family, church BBQs and Sunday soccer matches to attend, can’t find a babysitter for their cat […]

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