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Leilani Munter: What Godaddy’s Danica Patrick isn’t

Danica Patrick has long been promoted by GoDaddy as the ultimate ‘girl next door’ slash cool chick racer. In fact, we have always found Bob Parsons’ choice of female entourage quite confusing, as Danica Patrick – in our humble opinion – is as exciting as watching septuagenarians play a game of lacrosse. On the other […]

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DomainGang becomes shorter

DomainGang – the only electronic publication in the known universe that provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry – has just become shorter. No, it’s not an austerity measure due to the ‘bad economy’. Thanks a recent acquisition, DomainGang fans can now simply type DNGang.com in their browser and will be taken […]

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Father Martin Sardinale: Abstain from Domaining on Sunday

The message was heard loud and clear in the small church of Madonna di Garotto, in Little Napoli, New York; it was a message that surprised many parishioners of this small community of Italian heritage: domaining is a sin – when practiced on a Sunday. Father Martin Sardinale, the lead priest of the church pointed […]

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