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#Domains and spam : Dot .Best Registry pledges to get better

An influx of spam that takes advantage of cheap domain registrations has been targeting mailboxes since the beginning of October. When Registries offer domains below cost in agreement with registrars, unscrupulous spammers jump on the occasion, registering throw-away domain names en masse. The recent spam onslaught utilizes NameCheap as the registrar, Cloudflare for DNS proxying, […]

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Non-COM sightings : Artisan.Best in the real world

Ah, the wonderful wold of new gTLDs! It’s still perceived as a novelty by some “old school” domainers, but real world sightings of the new generic top level domains are increasing. We keep track of such “in the wild” sightings, some of which are submitted by our eagle-eyed readers. After dot .Church, it’s the turn […]

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