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New gTLD #domain Wallet.Fail : Poof goes your #crypto!

Dot .Fail is an interesting new gTLD building its popularity on the expression “fail!” and about 3,700 registered .fail domains. Indicating an obvious or overwhelming failure to achieve something, the “fail” expression can be used in a variety of formats, but typically it’s preceded by another word. Enter dot .Fail, and a particular domain name […]

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Donuts, Inc. identifies ‘Fail’ as a top search keyword in 2013

Donuts, Inc., the largest gTLD applicant with 305 gTLD applications, identified ‘Fail‘ as the second most searched for term for 2013. According to the Global Language Monitor, ‘404’ is the Top Word, ‘Toxic Politics’ the Top Phrase  and Pope Francis the Top searched-for Name of 2013. The results, as presented in the Global Language Monitor’s […]

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