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Indian technocrats unhappy with the success of dot .Guru

Thousands of professionals from India, are quite unhappy with the newfound success of dot .guru, one of several new gTLDs launched by Donuts, Inc. The name “Guru”, is a special reference to “master”, “teacher” and “guide” and those that share that first name might claim they don’t feel special all of a sudden. “How can […]

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Linton: Analytics (.) guru sends love letter to Google

Out of the thousands of dot .guru domain names registered today, Analytics.guru stands out as a fun, yet informative personal web site, from a guru of analytics. Dan Linton professes his love for Google, in a tongue-in-cheek post titled “Google Analytics Love Letter“: “Hey there, Google Analytics… can I call you GA? It’s been a […]

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Google gTLD love for Donuts: Here are some active dot .guru web sites

With the first wave of gTLD domains reaching the general availability phase tomorrow from Donuts, Inc. , Google clearly shows that it doesn’t matter what comes to the right of the dot. We located several active dot .guru web sites, and we present them below. Reise.guru Reise means “journey” in German, and this web site […]

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