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Will dot .Ninja become the next dot .Guru ?

With 3,500 domain registrations on the general availability day, dot .Ninja attempted to make a silent kill among other gTLDs. The total number of dot .Ninja domains is now almost 3,800 placing it at spot #60.   But will .Ninja become the next .Guru, particularly after the seemingly tremendous success of .Club? It is not […]

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Gaijin-san Domainer: Dot .Ninja domains a big hit in Japan

Gaijin-san Domainer is the writing pseudonym of American domain investor, David J. Walker; as an American expatriate in Japan, he can tell good and bad sushi apart. Here is the result of his latest meditation on gTLD domains, and dot .Ninja in particular; it’s a parody post with a much deeper message. Konnichiwa. Today arrives […]

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Ninja descendants oppose new dot ninja domains in Japan

The descendants of legendary ninja warriors are having a strong reaction in Japan, where the average person lives more than 80 years.   Dumbfounded by the new release of dot .Ninja domains, the grandson of the last known ninja warrior, Takahashi Arigato Yamamoto, spoke to Tokyo TV: “American insult to Japan, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, […]

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