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Premier Plumbers : Rare #domain sighting of dot .Plumbing TLD

Domain sightings are random encounters with domains in the wild. We come across domain names emblazoned on vehicles, printed on business signs, or physical products. These are real tangible objects that bear domains! Today’s encounter at a traffic light was with a rare dot .Plumbing TLD. PremierPlumbers.Plumbing in Sarasota, Florida, is a full service provider […]

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Russian drama: Sergei Putanov files UDRP over Moscow.Plumbing domain

Russian multi-billionaire domain investor and land developer, Sergei Putanov, is making headlines once again in Russia; and it’s not about the Sochi Olympics. Sergei Putanov is long vested in controversial gTLD applications, such as dot .prostitute in Cyrillic, and the latest drama involves the domain name Moscow.Plumbing, by Donuts, Inc. Our correspondent in Russia, Nikolai […]

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Forget ‘.com’: Reuters passes the reefer on GoDaddy gTLD pre-registrations

The argument about the “death of the .com” has been used a lot recently, and will continue to be a trolling point for months and years to come. After the infamous Minds+Machines ad on Facebook, Reuters News is now attempting to provoke with an article, touting the introduction of gTLDs at GoDaddy. The article, titled […]

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