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#Altamira .com : Paleolithic #domain sells for mid $X,XXX

The auction for Altamira.com, a dropped domain originally registered in 1995, has ended. Previously an asset of Banque Nationale du Canada, Altamira.com was auctioned off at DropCatch. The closing price was $5,751 dollars, and the highest bidder was the DropCatch user “somealias.” A total of 198 bids from 68 bidders clearly demonstrate an increased interest. […]

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#TopToken .com : Cryptocurrency #domain auction jumps in final minutes at #DropCatch

Many public auctions at DropCatch get really busy in the final minutes, as in the case of TopToken.com . The seemingly cryptocurrency-related domain name auction attracted several bidders, and intense bidding that extended the auction in 5 minute increments for several hours. Eventually, the auction ended and the domain was sold for $3,852 dollars. A […]

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#DropCatch auctions : Updates on allegations of fraudulent domain bidding activities

DropCatch, a popular domain drop-catching and auction marketplace, has been “cleaning house,” after reports of shill bidding surfaced. Last month, reports of auctions being restarted due to non-paying bidders, led frustrated domain investors to a lengthy exchange over at NamePros. “DropCatch.com is very much like a game of hot potato, where fraudulent bidders bid up […]

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