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DropCatch lowers certain backorders to $15 dollars per domain

DropCatch, the domain drop-catching service operating from DropCatch.com, has made an announcement regarding its pricing of certain domains. According to their email, .ORG domain backorders will be discounted for the entire month of September, down to $15 dollars. Regularly priced at $59 dollars, such backorders would help boost the market share of DropCatch, which is […]

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SnapNames increases its domain drop-catching price

SnapNames is increasing its domain drop-catching prices, and they sent out an email outlining the price hike to $79 dollars per domain. The same price increase affects NameJet back-ordered domains pending delete as well. The price increase is effective July 19th, according to the email notice below: A message to our valued customers: For many […]

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Where is the Projects.com auction winner?

Late last month, the premium, aged domain name Projects.com dropped; slipping from the capable hands of domain investor Merlin Kauffman. Projects.com was subsequently caught by drop-catching veteran service, SnapNames, and was auctioned off. The winning bid, at $87,550 dollars, was placed by user “qursan“, according to Mike Berkens who was in the auction. It’s now […]

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