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Dunkin Donuts : Company rebranding to Dunkin’ with a #DNKN flavor

Dunkin Donuts, America’s popular coffee and doughnut shop is rebranding itself to Dunkin’. The company announced the news today, with Dunkin Donuts CMO stating: “Our new name is simpler, shorter and more modern, while still embracing our rich heritage by retaining the familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font that were introduced in 1973. […]

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Second dot .Menu UDRP attempts to capitalize on Dunkin Donuts trademark

A UDRP for the domain Dunkin.Menu was filed by no other than the IP holding company of Dunkin Donuts; the Respondent is some donut-loving guy from India. This is the second dot .Menu UDRP we’ve seen, after Baskin-Robbins UDRP less than a week ago. It appears that the Dunkin.Menu registrant was pointing the domain to […]

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Dunkin Donuts to offer free domains

Coffee and donuts shop, Dunkin Donuts, is expanding its deliciousness into new, untapped territory: domain names. Often challenged by supposedly hip and pseudo-upscale coffee shops, such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts is on the rise in large metropolitan areas and trucker stops alike. “We heard there is a company out there called ‘Donuts’ that are supposed […]

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