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#Domain privacy : Twitter data sharing opt-out option removed for US customers

Don’t believe corporations that promise data privacy; they can revoke this expected condition at any time. Twitter is the latest offender from a growing list of social media companies. In a recent change to terms and conditions, Twitter removed the ability for its US-based customers to turn off data sharing with third party advertisers, such […]

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#Namecheap and the #EFF get bad rep in new #CircleID article

Namecheap and the EFF are apparently interlinked, and not in a good way. That’s the focus of an article posted on CircleID, “the world’s leading platform for Internet developments.” The article expands on the Facebook lawsuit filed against Namecheap, to uncover the registrants of domains serving malware or pretending to offer services endorsed by the […]

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EFF : “XYZ .com complicit” in Chinese government censorship

In an article today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is blasting the XYZ Registry and its decision to propose to ICANN an automatic domain censoring process, from a Chinese government blacklist. The article states: “Even so, as ineffective as it may be, xyz.com’s complicity in advancing the Chinese government’s censorship of the Internet remains profoundly […]

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