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Sedo domains : Domain Hospital.com on exclusive brokerage by Dave Evanson

The ultra-premium domain, Hospital.com, is now on exclusive brokerage at Sedo; Dave Evanson is the point of contact for the domain, once again. Evanson’s impressive track record at Sedo ensures that such domain gems are in his care. Recent exclusives include Application.com and Programming.com. Hospital.com is a category-defining, top-notch domain, registered in 1997, that appears […]

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Dave Evanson : Exclusive brokerage of Application.com and Programming.com

Top Sedo domain broker, Dave Evanson, has an impressive sales record. At THE Domain Conference this year, Evanson was awarded the “Top Domain Broker of the Year” trophy. Currently, top tier domain, Application.com, is under exclusive brokerage, with Evanson as the broker to contact. Registered in 1995, Application.com has been owned by a Baltimore, Maryland […]

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