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How to become an Expert Domainer despite having no clue what you’re doing

The fun part about domaining is that it resembles a Middle Eastern bazaar. Those that yell about their wares or other offers the loudest, end up attracting the endless hordes of lazy, shoe-shuffling crowds around them. A large percentage of people that indulge into domaining these days are also self-appointed “experts” in several fields: development, […]

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Hank Alvarez goes legit with new web site

Hank Alvarez goes legit – launches new web site at HankAlvarez.com “I got tired of being treated as a scapegoat. Now I can put my extreme domain skills to good use”, Hank Alvarez said. “I offer a variety of services to domainers worldwide.” The launch of HankAlvarez.com was greeted with mixed emotions from the domaining […]

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