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Update: Extinct.com shockingly low sale, Through.com success

A few days ago we covered the sale of Extinct.com – a premium domain name – by domain investor, Conan P. Despite some extensive sleuthing, the editing of a sales thread at DNForum failed to disclose the exact price, which was presumed to be in the five figure range. The ever-busy Conan contacted us with […]

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Extinct.com: Another domain gem changed hands for $xx,xxx

Conan P. is on a roll; the proud owner of Synagogue.com has sold yet another top notch domain on DNForum: Extinct.com. It’s a little known secret that people buy Lego kits from estates and resell them individually on eBay; domain portfolios acquired in the same manner can bring lots of profit when sold separately. This […]

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Synagogue, Through, Extinct: Who got those premium .com domains for a pittance?

Not too long ago, the ultra premium domains Synagogue.com, Through.com, Extinct.com and others were sold by their owner, New Ventures Services, via Sedo. The price for each one of these was $1,277 dollars – by all means, a shocking undervaluation of what they are truly worth. Now, the lucky owner of the three domains above […]

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