Domainer Bruce Marler’s 80th Birthday

Earlier in the day, domain investor and developer Bruce Marler, celebrated his 80th birthday. The gathering of family and friends for this special occasion was manifested via Skype, still a strong contender in the telecom space at this time and era. Bruce tapped away on his Apple mac, sitting on an AirTron chair that levitated […]

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ICANN gTLD launch undermined by more Area 51 findings

The upcoming revealing by ICANN of almost 2,000 gTLD applications on June 13th, is in jeopardy; surprisingly, by ICANN itself! In a shocking release of new documents related to the infamous TAS Laboratories project, the existence of a technological advancement has somehow been leaked. Originally marked as “Above Top Secret“, the set of documents reveals […]

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Mission Impossible: My night at the ICANN TAS strategy room

Boredom was killing my gray matter slowly, having scanned the usual news on for the fourth time. Nothing but blogger repetitions of Google alerts for “domains” and results from National Arbitration Forum newsletters. I needed some hot action and I knew where to find it. I dialed the number of a good friend of […]

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It was yet another slow-moving Friday night, the online crowd filled with newly-found energy reserved for the end of the week. On the domain forums, lame domains for sale everywhere; twitter was crammed with the usual RT’s from boring, self-entertained individuals. Why did I bother to follow them in the first place, I wasn’t sure. […]

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The night I almost found Guy Kawasaki dead in a pool full of money

The image was too hard to comprehend; there was a dead man in my pool and he was floating, half-naked, face down, along with thousands of dollar bills scattered in the water. So I stood half-frozen in the middle of a warm, yet indifferent Florida night that felt confusingly surreal; the domain conference cocktail party […]

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