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Finland ready to change its national ccTLD from .fi to .fu

Finland, the European country with the most moose per capita is going through major changes in cyberspace. The newly-elected Pirate Party of Finland is planning to change the country’s allocated ccTLD, dot .fi. Finland’s official name in the Finnish language is “Suomi” and the first thought was to apply for the .SU ccTLD. Unfortunately, the […]

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ICANN56 : Get ready for Helsinki, Finland in June

The ICANN55 conference has completed in Marrakesh, Morocco; this was the last ICANN conference during the tenure of outgoing president and CEO, Fadi Chehadé, who’s moving on with his own company. With African nations currently free from the evil stigma of the Ebola virus, the next ICANN conference – ICANN56 – takes place in the […]

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US Marines ready to fight over Finnish domain

The US Marines, known for their fierce battling of all enemies are having some serious trouble with the biggest enemy of the state: bureaucrats. “Our motto, Semper Fi, is an important statement that is linked to the pride and efficiency of the US Marine Corps, said Sergeant Major Ted McTardy of the US Marines. “The […]

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