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#FlappyBird : Game’s own developer finally bought the matching domain on #Sedo

You might be wondering why Sedo just reported the sale of FlappyBird.com for $35,000 dollars. It all started in 2013 when Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen created the game Flappy Bird. Within 1 year, it had over 50 million downloads, and the app was making Dong $50,000 a day in ad revenue. The game sparked clones […]

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Flappy Bird author returns with ‘Swing Copters’ and no need for a domain!

The huge success of Flappy Bird, a frustratingly difficult to beat video game for smart phones, prompted its author to return from a self-imposed hiatus. Despite claims that Flappy Bird was a rip-off of Piou Piou, the Flappy Bird author returned with the release of “Swing Copters.” The new game, involves equally impossible physics, that […]

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Forget ‘Flappy Bird’: The French do it better, with Piou Piou

The drama over the frustratingly impossible to beat game, Flappy Bird, ended with its retraction from the online game stores where it had become the #1 free app. Its Vietnamese programmer, became overwhelmed over the notoriety the game acquired; while there are rumors that he allegedly made thousands of dollars per day from advertising, these […]

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