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420beginner.com : One year old web site sold on Flippa for six figures

Who says you need an old domain to reap the traffic? The web site at 420beginner.com sold at Flippa for six figures, as a high performing Amazon affiliate web site. According to its seller, the $165,000 dollar sale was based on the following performance parameters: Traffic : 36,056 uniques per month Revenue : $8,097 per […]

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Flippa: No more credit card payments – mandatory Escrow or PayPal

Citing “safety” and “speeding” up of post-auction transactions, Flippa has now removed the option of making credit card payments as a means of funding domain transactions. It will now be compulsory for Flippa sellers to assign a payment method to their domain listing; the supported options are just two: Escrow.com and PayPal. The removal of […]

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Flippa doubles daily sales with a successful Cyber Monday

The Cyber Monday special by Flippa, was a huge success, apparently. Despite the lack of any intervention from famous Aussie personalities, such as Kylie Minogue and Hugh Jackman, Flippa – the Australian marketplace for domains, web sites and odds and ends – managed to double its daily sales. All while halving its fees for the […]

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