Francois drops from his domain inventory

Francois Carrillo, proud operator of has dropped the domain from his inventory of web sites and domain portals. Integrating different niche markets under the umbrella, the French entrepreneur decided to let drop a while back. And that’s a smart decision, as – the Australian marketplace for buying and selling domains […]

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Francois strikes again with a handful of Dot .CO booties

Ah, summertime. Although we’re heading towards its end, there are plenty of Domain conferences, scheduled for the next several weeks to perpetuate the domain heat. On top of that, Francois Carrillo, owner of is teasing us yet again with a scandalous pictorial of Colombian beauties. – the marketplace for .co domains – has […]

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Pastrami, Swiss Watches and German Beer – It’s all good for Domainers

Quite a few odd posts this past week from domain bloggers. Maybe it’s because of the hot days of summer; people let loose. It all started when Elliot Silver invited all domainers to a virtual Friday happy hour, asking them what is their favorite beer. A lot of comments on that one; perhaps Elliot should […]

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It looks like the new .CO TLD is everyone’s new baby. More than 250,000 .CO domains were registered so far and several domainers are professing their love for .CO – including French entrepreneur Francois Carrillo, who runs the popular aggregator. Francois just launched – a new platform to list and sell .CO domains […]

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