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Oatmeal in hot waters as Funnyjunk hires Sex.com case lawyer

The Oatmeal creates original comic artwork with an admittedly caustic sense of humor. Meanwhile, Funnyjunk is an online repository of anything funny, reposted by its users. In other words, while The Oatmeal creates content, Funnyjunk replicates it; these are two opposingly different business models. A while ago, The Oatmeal owner discovered a large number of […]

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Father Domainicus: Those that register the URL of a 3 year old are evil

Good Sunday evening, my brothers and sisters in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a short and sweet message. As I pulled my chair in front of my computer, despite having mowed the lawn earlier at the local church festival, I could not help but ponder on the evil in people. Some sassy lass from […]

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Judge agrees: A 3 year old cannot blog on a Squatted Domain!

Vittoria, the 3 year old daughter of Vicdania Gomez is apparently very advanced for her age. After all, the toddler talks about it on her blog, aptly titled “Vittoria’s Freedom Blog“: Hi, Iā€™m Vittoria and this my first website that my mommy helped me launch in order to begin my journey in making the world […]

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Beware of Greeks bearing …blogs

Greek politicians aren’t phased out by the current state of the Greek economy; while the government takes the customary “August baths“, there’s already a new law in the works that would put freedom of speech to danger. The planned law, to be introduced for voting by the end of September, aims to make it obligatory […]

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