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Rhapsody rebrands as Napster, drops generic domain in favor of brandable!

Rhapsody, the subscription-based music streaming service, is doing the unthinkable, once again. In 2001, the service was called Listen, operating from Listen.com. By 2011, the company had already rebranded as Rhapsody, using the generic domain Rhapsody.com; that same year it acquired Napster, a relic of the 1990’s that was once associated with pirated mp3 files. […]

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HasOffers rebrands to Tune.com

Mobile ad company, HasOffers, was apparently not getting that far ahead in its target market with that name. Over the course of nine months, they rebranded the company, securing the domain name Tune.com in the process. The idea was to assist their customers “tune their marketing campaigns“; obviously, the choice of a name is short […]

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Sale of Mode.com confirms generics are in fashion

The word ‘mode‘ has a different meaning in languages other than English. In French, German and Italian, it’s related to ‘fashion‘ and trends in clothing and style. It came as no surprise that the domain name, Mode.com was just sold on Sedo – apparently for a large amount of money. For at least 5 years, […]

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Fireworks.com – Keeping Frank Schilling happy

It’s no secret that Frank Schilling owns category killer domain names and monetizes them under his very own content management system. That’s exactly the formula that has provided revenue for many uber-domainers: generic domains that are used for exactly the purpose found in the dictionary. Next, you might want to consider Rick Schwartz and his […]

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