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Greek politics: Democrat Socialists Movement and social media failure

George Papandreou, former prime minister of Greece, launched a new political party today called “Democrat Socialists Movement.” With general elections coming up on January 25th, the heat is on for Papandreou to attract votes from his former party, PASOK. Speculations over the name of the party led some media to report the name as “Kinima […]

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Greek Prime Minister saved by Sedo

With the global media being focused on Greece – as if it were the reason for the financial mess created by Manhattan bankers – the name of Greek prime minister George Papandreou is in focus. Some background information: George Papandreou was born in the US to Greek father Andreas – a career politician – and […]

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Funny Friday: The Steve Jobs legacy

The passing away of Apple icon, Steve Jobs affected  millions around the world. Steve Jobs definitely put his own personal dent to this universe. The Greeks, known for their sense of humor and sarcasm during tough economic and social times, are using the obituary picture of Steve Jobs to mock the austerity measures imposed by […]

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