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Muammar al Gathafi: good luck squatting that name

It appears that Muammar al Gathafi has lost control of Tripoli in Libya. While the Libyan dictator is apparently on the run and nowhere to be found, he’s still the cybersquatter’s worst nightmare. There are so many different variants of Muammar al Gathafi’s name that it’d be counter-productive and expensive to register them, let alone […]

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Libyan Dictator’s name is Domainers’ worst Nightmare

Welcome to Libya – an ancient country where  an eccentric man has been running the show for the past 42 years. Essentially a dictator, Muammar al Gathafi imposed a totalitarian clench over the people of Libya, often playing a game of carrot and stick; the billions of dollars in oil assets were primarily invested in […]

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