Gigi Chao: Back in the news for $1billion HKD but the .com is down

Gigi Chao catapulted to Internet fame in late 2012, after her billionaire father, Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, promised $65 million dollars to any guy who’d turn his lesbian daughter, straight. Overwhelmed by thousands of potential suitors, the Hong Kong socialite fought back any such offers, asking to be left alone. Now, she’s back in the news, […]

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Gigi Chao quotes as the .com reels in potential suitors

Gigi Chao, the daughter of a Hong Kong real estate mogul, was in the limelight for the better part of last week, thanks to her father’s offering of 500 million Hong Kong dollars, to the man that’d lure her away from her lesbian lover. [The above sentence runs a bit long, so take a breath.] […]

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Gigi Chao: Please just leave me alone!

Gigi Chao, the Hong Kong born socialite daughter of a real estate philanderer – Daddy Chao boasts to have had 10,000 girlfriends – has had enough with the sudden publicity created by her father’s idea to offer $65,000,000 to a man capable of luring her away from her lesbian lover. [Long pause to catch up […]

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A domain investor announced the launch of – a web site where potential suitors of the Hong Kong born socialite, Gigi Chao, can both apply for her hand and strut their stuff. “It took 34 hours of non stop coding, design, integration, testing and more from the ground up. We hope to integrate phase […]

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[DPOTD] Domainer Poll of the day: Will you claim the $65,000,000 ?

Gigi Chao and her lesbian affair prompted her father to promise $65,000,000 to the lucky man who would lure her away from her female lover. The news and pictures of Gigi Chao that we brought to you yesterday, generated an insane amount of traffic, including one lucky domainer who registered per our declaration of […]

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Gigi Chao: Is the dot com worth $65 million dollars?

A very interesting profile on Facebook, is that of Ms. Gigi Chao: “Gigi Chao. Helicopter Pilot. Social entrepreneur. Creator of expressions in colour and emotion. A woman that cares to look another in the eye and seek what’s behind. Loves to stare at a flower and imagine herself a butterfly.” The daughter of Cecil Chao […]

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