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Your domain expires in 7 days, says Gobble Registrar Systems

Hello Bob, This is your domain registrar, Gobble Registrar Systems. It has come to our attention that your domain, JunkIDidntWantToBuy.com, is expiring soon. In fact, it’s expiring in 7 days from today. Many domain investors would love to own this premium domain, and if you don’t renew it, someone might grab it. Here at Gobble […]

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Domain investor banned for registering too many domains

When it comes down to registering domain names, more is merrier. Frank Zabowlski, a domain investor veteran from Milwaukee, seems to agree with this argument; his domain portfolio consists of more than 85,000 unique, valuable domain names. “I was lucky to start back in the day when domain registrations were expensive and every keyword was […]

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