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GoDaddy chicken : Teens arrested for taunting domain “Chips” investor

A group of teenagers who did not assist a domain investor fixated with Chinese domain “Chips” has been arrested. Police reports indicate that the five teenagers repeatedly failed to save a man who bid on GoDaddy auctions, for “Chinese premium letter” LLLL .com domains, taunting him instead. The man lost a fortune bidding, and eventually […]

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Marketing genius: We have the GoDaddy rubber chicken!

Our parody review of the GoDaddy rubber chicken – an item used in a recent GoDaddy campaign on Facebook – was well-received by the fine folks of the #1 domain registrar in the world. Receiving an oversized package in the mail wasn’t a first; this time around it wasn’t a gorilla costume but rather, a […]

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Exclusive: GoDaddy Rubber Chicken “hands on” review

We recently saw a Facebook offer from GoDaddy advertising a 99 cent .COM domain, or the option to get a quality rubber chicken for the same price. Such novel offerings are quite rare, and we could not turn down the opportunity to get the GoDaddy rubber chicken instead. After we placed the order at GoDaddy.com […]

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