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GoDaddy celebrates legal victory with a 50% discount Coupon Code

Not too long ago, GoDaddy terminated the availability of discount coupon codes for renewals, frustrating dozens of penny-minded domainers. The recent epic victory of GoDaddy in the five year legal battle against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, changes the coupon field temporarily. “After such great news, we are ready to pass the […]

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Edward Snowden: GoDaddy coupon codes contain NSA eavesdropping microcode

In one of the biggest domain scandals since founder Bob Parsons shot down an aging elephant, GoDaddy is apparently involved in a secret collaboration with the NSA. Thousands of GoDaddy customers often use GoDaddy coupons, in order to register or renew domain names at GoDaddy.com. While most of these codes make domaining affordable by dropping […]

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