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MMAWarehouse.com did not end up selling for $42,500 dollars

It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and mails the domain sale’s check. The domain MMAWarehouse.com was listed on NameBio as a sale at a whopping $42,500 dollars. Apparently, the sale took place on GoDaddy auctions but then the buyer did not pay. Instead, the second highest bidder was given the opportunity to pay […]

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Sold by #GoDaddy : Who bought which #domain from the July 2020 sales list

GoDaddy is back to reporting sales that originated on its platforms. The reports are back-dated and July 2020’s list is four months behind. The list contains domains that had no underlying NDA, as it happens with most domain marketplaces. So who bought these domains for five and six figures? Let’s take a look. Fanbase.com – […]

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