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Golf.com.br domain : Brazilian generic ccTLD lost in UDRP

Gotta love words with secondary meaning. The domain Golf.com.br, a Brazilian ccTLD, was lost in UDRP, after its owner tried to sell it for $100,000 dollars. It’d be great to do so if the content at Golf.com.br were related to golf – the sport. Unfortunately, the Complainant in this UDRP is the German automotive corporation […]

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Balls! Golfer.org hits hole in one with four figure sale

Who said .ORG domains are worthless? While a lot of domainers seem to neglect other TLDs beyond the almighty .COM, there are plenty of sizable sales of .ORG domains. Golfer.org – a domain registered in 1997 – is the perfect outfit for anything related to golfers: from stats, to cups to … scandals. As it […]

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Tiger Woods Golf Player of the Year – Sponsor Tiger Woods!

Apparently Tiger Woods is not only the athlete of the decade – and the cheater of the century when it comes down to bedding women – but he’s also the Golf Player of the Year! Despite  the ongoing scandal, Tiger Woods just won the PGA award. Now it’s the time to Sponsor Tiger Woods – […]

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