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Finally upgraded to #WordPress 5.x – with a caveat!

After several weeks of beta testing the new WordPress 5.x we have safely upgraded to the latest version of this popular CMS. We warned domain bloggers about rolling with the new version and with good reason: lots of web sites depending on WordPress reported having issues with the new embedded editor, Gutenberg. During the test […]

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#Domain bloggers : Disaster lurking ahead with #WordPress 5.0 release tomorrow

WordPress 5.0 is slated for release tomorrow, December 6th, and domain bloggers, along with others using the popular platform, should take immediate notice! The new version of WordPress brings many new features, the most important of which is the Gutenberg editor. The new visual editor replaces the existing one and while official theme compatibility has […]

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Gutenberg : You might have to turn off your WordPress automatic updates

WordPress powers almost 28% of the top 10 million websites and it’s quite versatile as a content management, publishing system. For security reasons, WordPress automatically updates itself these days, but there are major changes looming ahead. Sometime early next year, WordPress will roll out Gutenberg, an improved editing system that changes its core structure. Currently, […]

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